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23rd March 2017

Chelsey Dennis - Miss Wales 2017 finalist - March 2017

Well I don't really know where to start, I applied for Miss Wales in October not thinking anything of it I did not think I'd make the final. I didn't even tell anyone I applied until I had the email saying i had an interview the next day, I couldn't believe it. We all have a story for why we wanted to enter Miss Wales - my reason was simply to have the confidence boost I needed and to feel good about myself again. Being apart of Miss Wales has given me that. It's made me a changed women or the women I was before and I'm very greatful. It's not just about the beauty (even though finding the perfect dresses and feeling glamorous is a part of it which is a bonus) it's so much more behind it, it's empowering young women to be the best they can be and to feel good doing it. It's also about the charity they support "Beauty With A Purpose" which I feel privileged raising money for, Organising charity events and seeing them be a success brings you a great feeling knowing you're giving back and it's about being a role model to others. Also being apart of Miss Wales has brought me great opportunity, meeting new people, meeting their sponsor Giovannis and discovering his wonderful food, going to advents with the other Miss Wales finalists, making memories and of course friends we call a sisterhood. It's been a journey I never expected to have in my life and it's one I will remember and tell other people,it's been so rewarding, I'd encourage anyone to follow what they want and if they believe it they can achieve it.

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