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27th March 2017

Molly Absalom - Miss Wales 2017 finalist - March 2017

I cannot believe I am writing this blog knowing that the final is just two weeks around the corner. Since taking the plunge of applying to the Miss Wales competition, to being awarded with the finalist title I have completely grown as a person. I hope this growth continues beside my country as Miss Wales. Throughout this competition I have met strong and influential women, that I believe will continue to show these values after the competition. As a liberal feminist, I am passionate about the equality of men and women in the world. Aside from this I feel strongly about equal opportunities of different sexes, age and race and throughout this competition I have hopefully shown exactly what equality means to me. As such a young woman I have found it difficult to get the equal amount of praise for this competition as many people have the wrong impression of pageantry. I wish to express how pageantry isn't just a pretty face, it's empowering, educating and rewarding in every way possible. Although raising money is challenging, it's a challenge I've been willing to take and so far I have raised £200 with the hope of more after my Pen y Fan walk on the 1st of April. I have also achieved random acts of kindness such as, giving daffodils for those at the University Hospital of Wales to patients, visitors and those hardworking student nurses. I believe coming out of this competition knowing you've given it your all is winning in itself and it's something I'm proud to say I've done. I would like to thank Heduc8 for sponsoring me through out the competition and granting me with this wonderful opportunity that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I urge every young women to grab this opportunity with both hands, as it's one you won't regret.

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