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30th August 2021

Gabriella's reign draws to a close after two and a half years as Miss Wales!

Gabriella Jukes, the longest reigning Miss Wales in history, will prepare to give up her crown at the Miss Wales 2021 final on Saturday 11 September.

Gabriella was 22-years-old when she won Miss Wales in April 2019 and celebrated her 25th birthday in May 2020. She will have been Miss Wales for two years and six months by the time she crowns her successor at The Riverfront in Newport.

Ordinarily, the Miss Wales winner would hold her title for a year but due to the pandemic, Gabriella has experienced a significantly extended reign.

During her time as Miss Wales, she has represented Miss World in London which was a five week celebration with women from more than 100 other countries. She has also travelled to Spain and Italy in her official capacity as Miss Wales and attended many charitable and corporate events both in Wales and across the UK.

On a personal level, during her reign, Gabriella has also studied for a Masters in Sport Broadcast from Cardiff Metropolitan University and has recently become the presenter at Swansea City Football Club and is also the face behind a monthly programme of highlights at Ospreys.

Gabriella’s time as Miss Wales will come to an end when 26 young women from across Wales gather for the Miss Wales 2021 final weekend from 9-11 September. Many of them have been waiting nearly two years to take their place on the Miss Wales stage after the Miss Wales 2020 final – scheduled for April last year – was cancelled due to the pandemic

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