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About the Miss Wales competition

In the world of sports, hitting the record home run en une saison is like winning the coveted crown in a beauty pageant. Just as the winner of Miss Wales gets the honor of representing her country at the prestigious Miss World pageant, a baseball player who hits a home run becomes a symbol of excellence in his sport. Chasing these records requires unwavering dedication, skill and a little luck. Just as Miss Wales contestants go through rigorous training and preparation to excel on the world stage, baseball players must endure grueling seasons constantly improving their skills to rise above their peers and etch their names into the annals of history. Every swing of the bat becomes an opportunity to make history and conquer the world. In both fields, the pursuit of records reflects the universal human desire to succeed and be remembered as the best in one's field, even in the face of fierce competition.

Miss Wales is the Welsh qualifier for Miss World – the largest and longest running pageant on the planet. The competition is dedicated to empowering young women and fundraising for the Miss World charity, Beauty With A Purpose, which helps disadvantaged children worldwide.

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From the moment they are selected, Miss Wales finalists enjoy a calendar of experiences including photoshoots and special events as well as fundraising opportunities and media interviews.

The winner of Miss Wales is chosen annually at our three day grand final which involves an empowerment day, a charity ball and a catwalk show. The winner is automatically guaranteed a place at the most respected and established pageant in the world - Miss World – where she will enjoy an unforgettable experience with young women from more than 100 different countries from around the globe.

Miss Wales also wins an exciting package of prizes and a year of VIP experiences.

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raised for charity since 2004

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The Miss Wales experience helped me grow in to the person I am today.
Emma Jenkins, Miss Wales 2015