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18th June 2015

Emma is going to China for Miss World 2015

Miss World 2015 will be held on the 19th of December at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre in Sanya, China.
 "We warmly welcome the Miss World family to our forever tropical paradise - Sanya, China. The Beauty Crown Hotel Complex offers a breath taking combination of stunning architecture, luxurious accommodation, exquisite cuisine and world class entertainment. What better way to celebrate our 65th year." Said Julia Morley on making the announcement this morning.
Representative of the Host Resort said: “Beautiful China, beautiful Sanya, the Beauty Crown and beauty events with powerful partnership of the world landmark building Beauty Crown Hotel Complex together with Miss World Organization the sixth time will surely present you the gorgeousness of Sanya and the splendid beauty of orient!”
The 65th Miss World Final will take place in the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, built especially for Miss World in 2003 when the Miss World Final was held in China for the very first time. Five Miss World's have been crowned there before, and Reigning Miss World Rolene Strauss will have the honour of crowning Sanya's 6th Miss World.  
“I look forward to returning to the beautiful beaches and hospitable people of Sanya again to hand over the Miss World crown.  Sanya might be the tropical gateway to China, but it will definitely be the gateway to an adventurous year for our next Miss World!"
Sanya is located on Hainan Island on the South coast of China, the tropical paradise of China.  It boasts an exotic landscape as well as some of the most preserved and beautiful beaches in all of China.
The world landmark building Beauty Crown Hotel Complex is consist of nine holy trees, and the participation of some world's top design and construction companies made this masterpiece the distinguished royal palace with incredible fine arts.
The Beauty Crown Hotel Complex project covers a construction scale of 630,000 square meters, and is equipped with the world record-breaking guest rooms of 6,668, seven-star commercial plaza, international multifunction ballrooms and convention center, all sorts of restaurants gathering delicacies from all over the world, the seven-star international yacht club, exotic bars street and so on. It is a world class hotel complex combined with super deluxe hotel rooms, commercial exhibition, large-scale entertainment, recreation and culture.
The successful partnership of Miss World Organization and Beauty Crown Hotel Complex of the sixth time will surely present a stunning and amazing Miss World Final 2015 to the whole world!


Good luck Emma!

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