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Miss Wales 1953

Hazel Roper

June 2024

Miss Wales 1953 – Hazel Roper

Cardiff-born Hazel Roper, won the Miss Wales title in 1953 and went on to represent Wales in the Sunday Despatch Bathing Beauty Contest in Morecombe prior to it becoming the Miss Great Britain Contest. Hazel was also a young highly talented ballerina who trained both in Cardiff and London. She later went on to become involved in teaching ballet and dance in addition to pursuing her love of performance, theatre and modeling. Besides winning many accolades and certificates in ballet as a young dancer she also took part in a number of beauty contests winning Miss Ryvita with other successes in the Miss Bristol Channel, Miss Dairy Princess and many others contests. Today Hazel Gidden lives in Cardiff with her husband John. She has three children, Angela, Richard and Jonathan and six grandchildren who are all extremely proud of her.